Bohemian Chic

•May 3, 2016 • Leave a Comment

This delightful tragus piercing is showing some realness with a beaded threadless end in yellow gold with genuine diamond from BVLA. Are you looking for some new jewelry for some of your piercings? Stop by the studio or our webstore to see all the phenomenal you can choose from!


A classic that is coming back!

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Looking for a piercing that makes a statement? This classic piercing has quickly been making a come back! Stop by the studio to see all of the jewelry choices you have!

Fotobounce photo 5333.jpg

Septums are all the rage!

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Septum’s are wonderfully versatile piercings that can be easily hidden for work but be shown off when you are out and about! At Born This Way Body Arts we have a large selection to fit every style. This septum has an implant grade titanium captive with a cluster from Anatometal.

The hottest piercing on the block…

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The Daith is one of our favorite piercings to do, it is beautiful and has a range of jewelry options available. This healed Daith is adorned with a gorgeous Jenn hinge ring with genuine opals from Body Vision Los Angeles. Come by the studio or check out our webstore to see all of our options for this great piercing!


A different take on a classic.

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We love when clients take something classic and bring it to a whole new level! This amazing triple nostril piercing sports three prong set white opals from neometal. Stop by the studio today to see what kind of fun and unique options you may have!


With spring showers,

•March 29, 2016 • Leave a Comment

come exquisite flowers. Stop by the studio or visit our webstore to see pieces like this rose from BVLA with 13 genuine diamonds set in rose gold.


Love is in the Air…

•March 22, 2016 • Leave a Comment

With this simple yet beautiful white gold heart from BVLA come by the studio to fall in love with your next piece of jewelry. _MG_3506-rt-logo.jpg


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