Surface Anchor Piercing

I bet you’ve never seen a piercing under a chin before! A just a few years ago, this would have been almost impossible. Thankfully some folk in the piercing scene came up with a neat little invention that now has about 20 different names. Dermal anchors, surface anchors, microdermals, dermals, anchors, durbles… I think I’ve almost heard it all! What it is, is a tiny single point piercing that can go virtually anywhere on the body!

Surface Anchors, as I like to call them, were based off of an existing jewelry design for transdermal implants. Transdermals allowed for a piercing to exist on a flat plane of tissue, but those things were much bigger! Normally around 8g and up, the transdermal pieces had to be installed via surgical methods including incisions and stitches.  Surface Anchors are MUCH smaller. About the size of a grain of rice on the bottom! Since they are so tiny, they can be inserted with a normal piercing needle. No cuts or incisions necessary. A small poke is made into the skin and with some manipulation of the tissue the base of the jewelry is inserted underneath the skin. The 14g post sticks out of the skin and is internally threaded allowing for a plethora of threaded ends to decorate the top. The surface anchors have small holes drilled through the bottom which allow tissue to grow through, ‘anchoring’ the jewelry into place. I only use surface anchors made from implant grade titanium to ensure that your body will not have any reactions to the metal quality. Performing the piercing of an surface anchor is a very advanced procedure and should not be performed by the untrained!

I’ve been working with surface anchors since their initial development and tested some of the first ones on myself. There was even an article published by in 2006 about surface anchors that I was fortunate enough to be apart of! Fast forward to 2010 and I’ve now performed hundreds of surface anchor piercings and have the knowledge and experience to safely perform a surface anchor piercing on you! However, these are not without risks. I feel that surface anchors should be viewed as a temporary piercing, as they will likely have to be removed at some point in time. Don’t worry! I can remove them too, using gentle techniques, no incisions and no stitches! The longevity of your piercing is base on placement, aftercare and your immune system. If cared for properly, they can last a very long time. I have customers that have had theirs for 4 years now! If this sounds like something you’d like to do, meet with me for a free consultation about your idea and I’ll do my best to make it a reality!


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on May 11, 2010.

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