Anchor Removal

Sometimes things happen in your life that require removal of piercings. If your anchor piercing is something that needs to get removed, I can assist you with that. The girl in the photo above came to me with a well healed, anchor piercing, but due to a new job, she had to have it removed.

I’ve actually heard horror stories about piercers and doctors using blades to cut these out of people and then they stitch the wound shut! That is COMPLETELY unnecessary! Using a combination of massage, a pair of tools to hold onto the jewelry, and a 14g needle, and great calming energy, I am able to safely remove the anchor through the hole that it was originally put in. This requires no stitches and leaves and very tiny wound to heal. Simply keep the wound covered with a band aid until a scab is formed and then use H2Ocean daily to help clean the wound and speed up the healing time. Most people find that after the scabbing falls off there is little to no scarring left behind. If there is, come in and talk to me about various options to reduce scarring.


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on May 25, 2010.

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