ear piercings

Anyone who looks at my portfolio will notice that I really like small jewelry. I like to adorn and accent the body’s natural features; I don’t want the jewelry taking away from the natural beauty. Ears happen to be one of my favorite places to get to use tiny jewelry and have fun with natural curves. In the bottom the picture features a simple earlobe piercing using a 2.5mm prong set CZ with a 16g labret post. I use a standard piercing needle for all ear lobe piercings that are disposed of immediately after using and never reused, unlike piercing guns at malls that are reused on person after person with no sterilization. I have completed courses in sterilization from Health Educators in order to keep my clients as safe as possible.

At first glance of the big picture above, you’d swear this was a rook piercing, but it’s not! I used a tiny18g labret post with a 2mm prong-set diamond, and placed it right above the rook. Easy to heal and looks great!

I have been piercing since 2002 and in that time I’ve had the chance to perform a lot of industrial piercings. I was taught to use 14g barbells, but they always seemed just a little too thick for my liking. After experimenting and seeing positive results, I’ve switched to using 16g and 18g barbells for the industrial piercings. I see faster healing and less complications and I can’t argue with that!

You’ll also see in this picture, a vertical conch to conch industrial which are always are always a fun challenge to do! The other picture in the background is an anti-tragus piercing. I’d say more, but I gotta get off this computer…there’s jewelry to be made!


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on June 22, 2010.

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