I -LOVE- Nostril Piercings!!

No joke. I LOVE nostril piercings. I know a lot of piercers hate doing them because it’s so “common and boring” and I couldn’t disagree more! The nostril piercing has a rich history from India before it made it’s way to the U.S. in the 80s and then grew in popularity. Today, the nostril piercing is by far the most popular and I think it’s because they look great on anyone! Heck, they look so good, I have two!

Getting a nostril piercing is a piece of cake. The first part is the hardest, and that’s because you have to pick out the jewelry! I carry a variety of designs and gemstones to keep you looking great! All of our nostril jewelry is made of implant grade titanium to protect against metal allergies. I choose to use nostril labrets from Neometal for this piercing. The labret is hollow and accepts hundreds of different tops that snap on and off; no unscrewing or removing the jewelry to change it! On the inside of your nose is a tiny flat disk, unlike nostril screws that leave tons of excess metal inside your nose.

The piercing process is simple and virtually painless! Using a freehand piercing technique, no clamps or tools are necessary which allows for a less painful piercing experience. The pinch takes less than a second and then the jewelry is smoothly slid into place. Most people will find that it will make their eyes water a bit, but that’s the worst of it!

Almost forgot to talk about the picture! This lady had an awesome nose and wanted something beautiful to decorate it. She originally picked out a 2mm prong-set cubic zirconia, until she saw the diamond right next to it! The clarity of the real diamond just can’t be duplicated! I carry a variety of real diamond designs and gold nostril jewelry. I only carry the best of the best because you are worth it!

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~ by Born This Way Body Arts on July 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “I -LOVE- Nostril Piercings!!”

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  3. Her piercing looks beautiful.

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