The couple that gets pierced together, stays together

I love when couples enjoy getting pierced together. Watching them exchange that excited energy, while one gets pierced and the other offers support, is incredible! This couple has been coming to me for the past year now and most recently she had her eyebrow pierced. For the initial piercing I used a 16g, titanium curved barbell, to allow for the fastest healing possible. As soon as it was healed up, she came back in to get a new piece of jewelry. She wanted something that would show off a little more, but would also match her facial features. I chose a small niobium captive bead ring. The glossy black surface of the metal accented the flow of her eyebrow perfectly while matching her brown eyes and hair. The result was amazing, don’t you think?

Her husband came in with her and wanted a labret piercing, but was very unsure about how his corporate job would handle it. As we discussed, I asked “Do you wear nice clothes to work everyday?” He of course said “yes.” I then asked “Then what would be wrong with wearing nice jewelry?” No one can ever tell you a diamond or opal isn’t beautiful….no matter where it’s at! We decided on a 3mm opal cabochon to adorn the front of his labret piercing. The opal offsets his skin tone perfectly and the tiny front makes the piercing subtle and non-offensive. His employer said nothing about the piercing and enjoys having a piercing that looks like it was meant to be there.


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on July 27, 2010.

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