let go

I feel that the hardest part of getting pierced is unknown pain factor. I think that getting pierced is like riding a roller coaster. You first sit down in the seat and you’re excited, and a little nervous. Then the coaster starts moving and the anxiety rises. Shortly after you are at the top of the coaster and you want to jump off….but you can’t. You just have to let go and enjoy the ride!

The same thing happens in the piercing chair to many people, including myself! That moment right before the piercing happens feels like I’m at the top of the roller coaster; nervous and wanting to back out, from fear. That’s when you must remind yourself to let go and enjoy the ride. I believe as humans, we are trained to do our best to control everything. Let go. Those two words are so important to me, I have them tattooed on my wrists. Several friends of mine have the same words on them. A constant reminder when we need it the most.

The two piercers that influenced me the most were Dan Forbes and Scott Jania, not just for their knowledge of piercing, but because of their amazing bedside manner. Every time I was pierced by them, they helped my anxiety levels drop and helped me let go. As I evolved and grew as a piercer, I knew that I wanted to image myself in their ways. I wanted to help people in the ways these two had helped me.

In 2009 I received training in the Tibetan art of Reiki (ray-key). When translated ‘Rei’ means ‘universal’ and ‘Ki’ means energy. Reiki is the process of working with the body’s natural energy fields for healing and relaxation, among other things. I was skeptical at first, to say the least. It all sounded a little new age-y to me! But, I was willing to give it a shot and put it to use via a clinical study at my piercing studio. After receiving a brief reiki treatment before getting pierced, I had many customers feel nothing at all! Since I was fascinated with how wonderfully this works for everyone, in 2010 I continued my training, to further expand my knowledge of reiki. Reiki has allowed me to strengthen my bedside manner by helping you feel more relaxed and able to enjoy your piercing experience. This is why I LOVE the picture I posted today….it’s her calm expression. No fear, no anxiety….

I offer several reiki services at my studio to help you in every step of the way. The first is a pre-piercing reiki session, which lasts 10-15 minutes, which well help you relax before your piercing. Reiki also has amazing healing benefits as well, which is why I also offer a reiki ‘tune-up’. Sometimes the unfortunate will happen to your piercing. You could snag it on your shirt, get hit with a baseball…I’ve heard it all! When those unfortunate events happen, your piercing can do nothing but benefit from a reiki tune-up! The 10-15 minute session will help focus your body’s healing on your piercing, giving it the extra boost it needs!

I also offer 30 and 60 minute reiki sessions, with or without a piercing. For me, it’s the most relaxing thing in the world. I would love for you to come in and try it out, too!

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~ by Born This Way Body Arts on August 15, 2010.

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