Guns kill people, piercings shouldn’t!

Did you know that piercing guns were designed for tagging cattle? It’s true! Here at Knoxville Piercing, we think that you are more important than cattle, which is why we will never ever use a piercing gun on you! But that’s not the only reason:

1. Piercing guns can’t be sterilized. – This statement is mostly true. Most piercing guns are made from cheap plastic, which is porous and can become contaminated with blood borne pathogens such as Hepatitis and HIV. There is no way to sterilize cheap plastic, which means you are coming in contact with whatever pathogens the person before you had, and the person before that, and the person before that….you get the idea. It’s kind of like sharing a used condom with tons of strangers! Now some piercing guns are made of autoclave-able metal, which is able to be sterilized….if the place using the gun chooses to sterilize it in between each and every customer…and most don’t!! At Knoxville Piercing, we undergo specialized training in sterilization, to ensure it’s done the right way, every time. Wiping down a piercing gun with an alcohol wipe doesn’t kill everything, which still leaves you at risk! Most places using piercing guns don’t even have sterilization equipment….gross!

2. Blunt force trauma.  – Sounds awful doesn’t it? Well, that’s what happens when you get pierced with a piercing gun. The gun takes something blunt (the jewelry) and forces it through your skin, causing trauma to the skin. Piercing needles on the other hand, are designed specifically for cutting tissue. Ever wonder why they don’t use a gun to draw your blood at the doctors? It’s because a needle was the best tool for that job…and the same goes with piercing. If we use a needle that is designed for the job, it makes a cleaner cut into the skin. This causes less trauma to the skin and enables your wound to heal up much faster!

3. Jewelry quality – The quality of your jewelry has a ton of impact on the healing of your piercing! At Knoxville Piercing we only use jewelry made from medical grade titanium. This ensures no allergic reactions to the metal! Most piercing guns use jewelry that is made from the same metal that your zipper is made from. Our jewelry is polished to a mirror finish so the tissue doesn’t adhere to the wound and can heal quickly. Did you ever wonder why you were told to rotate the jewelry a couple times of day so the skin doesn’t grow onto the jewerly? It’s because of the polish! Get pierced here, and there’s no need to rotate!

4. Jewelry size. – Jewelry is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing…that’s why we carry so much jewelry!! Every person is built differently, and thus, requires different sizes and lengths of jewelry for initial piercings.

5. Your piercer – Getting pierced at a mall with a gun may be cheap, but it actually comes at a much higher cost. The person piercing you in the mall is usually 16-18 years old with no training at all. That person has never been through blood borne pathogens training, and has no knowledge of cross-contamination. Do you trust that minimum wage employee to keep you safe from hepatitis and HIV? Sure, the piercing may be cheap, but a lifetime of health care while battling an auto-immune disease isn’t!

To sum it all up, piercing guns and those who use them are dangerous. Do yourself a favor and get pierced by a pro. There’s a reason I do this professionally. 😉


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on August 24, 2010.

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  1. […] of any piercing, regardless of how the hole was made. Even if you were pierced with a piercing gun (GROSS!), the hole can still be stretched. I recommend stretching one size at a time, never skipping sizes. […]

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