Apadravya Piercing Questions

One of my facebook followers wrote in and asked me:

“I really would like to do an Apadravya but I have 2 Questions about it, perhaps you can answer these two…

The first one is about oral sex… will my girl friend have some problem with it or her Teeth? Should we always be very carefull during these “moments”?

And the second one is more about anal sex… due to the vertical bar would it be also a problem when we will try to have this kind of sex?

It’s easy for me to understand that for normal relation in bed we won’t have any problem about my future new piercing but will be nice if I can hear your opinion 🙂

I’m sorry for my bad English but I’m a Swiss guy who speak normaly french…”

Both of these are great questions and have similar answers. Let’s start with the first question: oral sex. Will the jewelry get in the way? You bet! It’s something new and “not normal” for your partner. That just means there will be a period of adjustment while your partner learns to work with your piercing, instead of against your piercing. That’s the fun part!

The jewelry that you wear in the apadravya will greatly effect your partner’s ‘ability’ as well. Normally, this piercing is started with a barbell that is longer than needed. The longer jewelry helps accommodate for swelling and erections. Usually the jewelry is going to be too long for the healed piercing; you want the jewelry to have a snug fit when you are erect. The shorter the barbell shaft is, the easier, and more comfortable, sex will be. Since the barbell should be made from implant grade titanium, there is no ‘give’ to the barbell. It doesn’t flex or move like the rest of our genitalia. The longer that barbell is, the more it is going to pull and tug, leading to some uncomfortableness.

Keep in mind that although titanium jewelry for this piercing isn’t the cheapest, its way cheaper to by jewelry than to pay the dental bills after your partner chips a tooth on your poor jewelry choice!

And this leads into question two: anal sex.

The other factor in the jewelry is the ball size and type on the jewelry. Some folk like bigger balls on the jewelry, some like smaller. I am a fan of the “m&m” discs which are flat, but slightly rounded. They are low-profile but the roundness of the discs allows for easier ‘insertion’. Much of this whole scenario is going to have to do with how much experience your partner has with anal sex. If he/she is a regular, those muscles are more adapted to this kind of play and when care is taken and proper fitting jewelry is worn, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you are wearing jewelry that is too long or the balls are too big, then this may hurt your partner. If you partner is an anal sex novice, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the piercing during anal sex right away. Get some backdoor toys, and work up to it!

The main factor in all of this is jewelry size/type and communication with your partner! If you want to have a good time, try out different things. Go to your local shop and buy a couple different kinds of threaded beads to put on the top. Every one will give your partner, and you, different sensations.

I -LOVE- answering everyone’s piercing questions. If you have one, email me: bornthiswaybodyarts@gmail.com, and I’ll be sure to blog about it!

~ by Born This Way Body Arts on September 17, 2010.

One Response to “Apadravya Piercing Questions”

  1. My bf of 1 year got a apadravya early in our relationship. It did take me a little bit of time to get used to it. Not a lot of men have them! I havnt tried anal yet with it, were working up to that. vaginal will take a few times, depending on how sexually active you are. We use lube to help out. THE BAR LENGTH MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! It should be snug but not uncomfortable on you. Oral isn’t that hard after a while, we still hit teeth but it dosnt hurt unless you actually hit her teeth. Deep throat is another thing after you find a snug bar she’ll have to have time to get used to it. Again not a lot of men have them!!!

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