Weekend review

Oh man, what a crazy, busy weekend! I had so much fun, piercing so many people from all different walks of life! I only remembered to take 3 pictures out of 20+ piercings I did! Weekend nights can be boring in Knoxville, but not at Born This Way Body Arts! We love creating art and having a good time with good people who also enjoy body art! Come down and hang out sometime and check out all the cool jewelry, too. I received heaps of new glass jewelry last week, and there is more on the way. Did you know that I get new jewelry in weekly? You’ll never know what one-of-a-kind piece you will find! Come down and visit sometime!

The first picture on the left is of one of our tattoo apprentices, Adam. I stretched his ears for him so he could wear this beautiful pair of  1/2″ Ocean Jasper stone plugs, full of amazing ‘orbs’! Not only are stones beautiful, but they contain sooo much energy and have unique metaphysical properties. As a reiki practitioner, I have taken the time to clear negative energy from every pair of stone plugs in the shop, and recharge them with healing, loving energy. Ocean jasper is a very calming and soothing stone, as well as one of the most protective. Ocean jasper encourages the love of oneself and of others, the healing of the emotions and the sense of peace it brings helps us connect to nature and all of the earth.  It is also used to encourage the acceptance of responsibility and also thought to increase patience.

The second (middle) picture is of a tiny, 16g helix piercing. The girl that I had the opportunity to pierce was amazing. She was 18 years old and still living at home with parents who aren’t too fond of piercing. Instead of sneaking around her parents and having something done against their wishes, she chose to educate her parents about piercing! She made a powerpoint presentation about why she wanted the piercing done, as well as the safety precautions she would follow while choosing a piercer. Her parents still didn’t want her to get the piercing, but after hearing her side of the story, couldn’t tell her no! Her mother came in with her to get the piercing, and even paid for it! In the end, mom thought the piercing looked great on her daughter….something tells me that I’ll see mom back within a couple of weeks to have her’s done!

The 3rd picture is of a 16g industrial piercing. For this piercing we chose a titanium barbell with balls on the end that had been annodized “blurple”. One of the amazing things about titanium is it’s ability to change color. By introducing an electrical current to the jewelry, the oxide layer on the jewelry changes color. There are no paints, dyes or anything else used on the jewelry, causing no harm to you or your piercing!

The 4th and final picture is of another industrial piercing. This piercing features a 16g barbell that has been anodized ‘blurple’. On the ends of the piercing are prong set sky blue opals. In the middle of the piercing is a bezel set sky blue opal ‘orbit’. Orbits are brand new to the piercing scene, and I think they are incredible! In order to make a complete look on this client’s ear, I not only did the industrial piercing, but added a rook piercing with a matching blurple barbell! Just imagine how good something like this could look on your ear


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on October 4, 2010.

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