Client questions

“So over the last year or so , I have put some deep thought into getting another piercing . Mainly a genital piercing. Is there specifics that some can and cannot do? what is a good beginner spot, or is there such a thing?
I have been keeping up with most of your articles and reading through them. The only reason i have not done it yet is the fact of having my junk sitting out in front of someone. But i have thought about 2 or so of them that would be slightly interesting – a lorum, frenum or a pa. whats your thoughts?”

My clients always ask the best questions! Are there piercings that some can do and some cannot do? You bet. Every piercing on the body is anatomy dependent. For example, if you’ve been circumcised, you cannot get a foreskin piercing! The outer ridge of my ear doesn’t curve in the correct way for me to ever have an industrial piercing. Your body must be built properly for any piercing to work out, and the best way to find out if your body is built for the piercing you desire, is to visit a professional piercer. Your piercer should be able to analyze your anatomy and determine if you are suited for that particular piercing. Your piercer should be able to explain to you why the piercing will work, or why it won’t work out. Now, in the case of a genital piercing, yes, the piercer will have to see your genitals! This shouldn’t make you nervous, as any professional piercer should hold themselves in a professional manner, much like a doctor’s office visit.

There are many different piercings that can be performed on males, some more difficult to perform and more painful than others. This shouldn’t hold you back from getting what you want though! The piercings that I find are the least painful are the frenum and lorum piercings. The frenum piercing is a great piercing to start with; it’s quick, the pain is minimal and it adds a lot of stimulation as the jewelry sits right underneath the head of the penis. The lorum is about the same pain wise, but doesn’t add as much stimulation, as the piercing lies further down the shaft, around the area where the penis meets the scrotum. The history of the lorum piercing goes back to Europe, where the piercings were used to attach chastity devices!

A “PA” or Prince Albert is by far the most popular male genital piercing, and for good reason! When performed by a skilled piercer, the pain is minimal and over quickly. The piercing heals in a matter of week and adds a lot of extra stimulation due to the jewelry sitting inside the urethra. I perform this piercing using a titanium curved barbell as the initial jewelry. By using titanium, the weight of the jewelry is no longer a problem. When using steel jewelry, it is quite heavy. The weight of the jewelry can irritate the piercing, drastically lengthening the healing time. Using a curved barbell instead of a captive bead ring, cuts down on the amount of jewelry that will hang outside of the penis. As you walk and live life, the penis will move, and the more it moves, the more the jewelry moves. If you have a large ring hanging out of the penis, it will surely get bumped around a lot and snag on clothing, towels, etc. Using a curved barbell eliminates much of the additional, avoidable trauma during the healing process.

If anyone has any other questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them! Just send ’em my way –


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on October 12, 2010.

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