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Follow up to my last blog entry:

“Fantastic thanks. Well lets hit the rumor mill. More than once i have heard that after you have a P.A. you now pee sitting down. How true is that? I ask because, I don’t really want to have to spray down anything on accident or for fun unless i have to. You say as the anatomy of the body allows for certain piercings. As you mentioned if you are “cut” you can not pierce the fore-skin you no longer have. But what about a upper or lower frenum, if you are uncut does that create issues with the healing process with the fore-skin? And last but not least – I read an article( which i took as a grain of salt,hence why i asked you) There was mention of having to become hard to make sure the piercing sits well , i.e. for the frenum -whats the story on that?
How long is the healing process with either the Lorum or Frenum?”

Thanks again to the people that write in with questions. I’ve been around piercing for so long, that it’s just become a part of me…I forget the questions that most people have. Keep asking them and I’ll keep answering them. The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked!

Getting a Prince Albert piercing will effect how you urinate, definitely. The jewelry that you choose to wear will have a profound impact on how much it effects you. Through clinical trials, I found that wearing a curved barbell greatly helps you to control the stream of urine. Twisting the head of the penis upside down when you pee can help as well. Gravity will take hold and will pull the urine stream downwards, away from the jewelry. It will take some practice, but it’s doable. I recommend practicing in the shower until you get the hang of it…less mess to clean off the walls!
Having an uncircumcised penis will effect a frenum piercing…a little. If the foreskin stays forward, covering the head of the penis most of the time, then the jewelry will also be inside of the foreskin. This dark, moist environment isn’t ideal for healing, but by keeping the wound dry and clean, healing is still possible. I find that using a hair dryer a couple times a day on the piercing to dry it out, will help a lot.
There is no need to be erect for the piercing. that is almost impossible for most folk when they are about it get pierced…it’s nerve-wracking! lol If you are worried about how the tissue lies when it is flaccid vs erect, draw some markings on your penis while flaccid, become erect and compare.

Healing is super simple. keep it clean, limit soap usage (soaps are for use on healed, intact tissue…much to strong for open wounds), keep it dry and keep it to yourself for a least a month. Always remember to use protection until the piercing is completely healed. An unhealed piercing is considered an open wound, which raises your risk of contracting STIs.


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on October 13, 2010.

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  1. Some of us senior citizens are just catching up with younger folks. I am 64 and starting over with a new lady wants me to get a PA – and I find the whole idea rather enticing too. So here are just a few questions. First, I wouldn’t imagine age is any issue but can you confirm that for us. Second, I think I understand how the curved barbell helps urination but I am drawn to the ring jewelery, after healing has finished are they easily interchangable?
    Third, also after healing…do you leave the barbell or ring in during intercourse? Sorry if I sound like a twelve year old on this but I have no idea about this last question. Last, what method do you use for piercing, i.e. needle outside to inside, or a cannula inside to outside
    (Would also appreciate some idea of your pricing for a PH and jewelery)

    • As long as you are in good health, age shouldn’t prevent you from getting a piercing. The jewelry is easily interchangeable after the healing process is complete. Most people leave the jewelry in the piercing during intercourse…it’s like a built in sex toy! For pricing info, please call our studio – 865-951-1486.

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