New jewelry and new pictures!

Last week was crazy busy with all sorts of fun projects! I love thinking of new ways to make piercings more fun, and I love having customers that are open to sweet ideas!

Pic 1 – Nape piercing with 4mm flat-backed CZs. For this piercing I used a flat titanium surface bar. Using this type of jewelry puts the least amount of pressure on the piercing, enabling the body to heal rapidly.

Pic 2,3,4 – Originally, this ear came to me with only a tragus piercing and the tragus had a big, ugly hoop in it. After analyzing her ear, I suggested that we add an industrial piercing using a barbell that had a CZ orbit and CZ ends. She liked the idea but felt that the ear still looked empty, so I suggest add a conch piercing to compliment the industrial. Since the tragus looked out of place, I changed the jewelry to match. I think the end result looks amazing, don’t you?

Pic 5 – Sometimes people have navels that just can’t be pierced. This was one of them. Since the navel was very flat on the top, a standard navel piercing would just grow out of the skin. I suggested doing a dermal anchor on her navel, so she could still wear beautiful jewelry on her navel. For this piercing we chose a 4mm prong-set princess cut CZ. Gorgeous!

Pic 6, 7 – We got a bunch of amazing jewelry in this week also, including Jellyfish Plugs. These are hand-made works of art and I have them available in 0g through 1″!


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on October 19, 2010.

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