Threading Types

Piercing studios have choices when it comes to the jewelry they carry. Knoxville Piercing only carries the best, because our customers are worth it!

There are several types of threading available on body jewelry and my favorite is a threadless style. Threadless jewelry enables you to “snap” different ends into the post. It requires no screwing or unscrewing, which can be difficult. Since the ends are held in by pressure, the chances of losing the top, decreases greatly. There are many different ends to choose from, and they are all interchangeable!  The post is hollow and smooth on the edges, which enables it to slide smoothly into the piercing without causing damage.

Although I prefer threadless jewelry, sometimes it’s not always an option. Threaded jewelry can be used in a safe manner…as long as it’s the right kind of threading. External threading is what you find in 99% of the costume jewelry that’s available in most malls and even a lot of piercing studios. External threading means that the threading is on the barbell shaft. This threading is very sharp and can cause damage to the piercing when inserting or removing the jewelry. Why is this threading style so popular? Because it’s cheap to make! Like most things in life, cheap isn’t always good.

The other style of threading is referred to as “internally threaded”. Internal threading places the threads on the ball instead of the barbell. This allows the jewelry post to be inserted without causing damage to the piercing. Many high end piercing studios across the world exclusively carry this style of jewelry because it’s safe for their customers! There are 1000s of threaded ends available, leaving you with tons of options to decorate your piercing.

Next time you are going to get pierced, ask your piercer what style of threading they use. If they use externally threaded jewelry, run!


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on October 21, 2010.

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