Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing

CLICK TO BUY!  The Vertical Clitoral Hood or “VCH” Piercing is the most popular female genital piercing nowadays, and for good reasons! The VCH is a very easy piercing to have performed. Most people believe that the actual clitoris is being pierced, and this is simply not true! Very rarely is the clitoris itself pierced, but instead the hood tissue that is covering the clitoris is pierced. This tissue is very thin and is like piercing an earlobe, it just happens to not be attached to your head! Using a freehand piercing technique, I’m able to pierce the hood without the use of ‘clamps’ which can hurt quite badly. The piercing takes only a second to do, and with the use of titanium jewelry, it heals rapidly! Since the barbell sits underneath the hood, it provides extra stimulation to the clitoris. CLICK TO BUY!

Piercer Elayne Angel recently wrote a great article about hood piercings and you can read it hereCLICK TO BUY!

Genital piercings are one of our specialties at Born This Way Body Arts, performing hundreds every year on people from all over the nation. It’s not rare to have people travel to our studio to have genital work done! From basic to extreme, we can handle it. CLICK TO BUY!


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on November 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing”

  1. where can you purchase a piece like this? The actual jewelry.

  2. This is beautiful!! How much for this?

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