The Future of Sterilization

Yesterday, I went to a local dentist office to have a consultation regarding having my pesky wisdom teeth removed. During my consultation, I asked to see the sterilization room, and was appalled at what I saw! There was clutter everywhere, and it looked like the area hadn’t been cleaned in months! There was no way I was going to let this person cut anything out of my mouth!

Getting a piercing is technically an invasive cosmetic procedure. The skin is being broken, and disease can be spread. The same risks apply whether you are getting your teeth removed or getting a new piercing. At Born This Way Body Arts, your safety is our #1 concern, which is why we choose to use the best sterilization methods on the planet. The picture on the right is of the Statim 2000 autoclave. An autoclave is a machine designed to sterilize instruments using a combination of pressure and steam. The Statim is the future of sterilization as it is able to sterilize instruments in about 10 minutes! This enables me to take any piece of jewelry in the shop, sterilize it quickly and pierce you with it!

Our autoclave is tested WEEKLY by an outside laboratory to ensure that the unit is working properly. Want proof? Our spore test results are hanging up in the front lobby! In addition, a chemical integrator is placed in every tray of tools, which prove that sterilization occurred. This is, of course, shown to every client that we work on!

Keep yourself safe. Ask the questions that need to be asked. Knowledge is power.


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on November 7, 2010.

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