TSA Makes Woman Remove Nipple Rings To Fly!

I’m sure you have heard all the recent news about the problems people are encountering with the new TSA screen procedures. Yesterday I read about a woman who had to remove her nipple piercings in order to pass through security! I was appalled! I’ve flown many times and never had to remove anything while passing through security. In fact, I’ve never set off metal detectors at all!

I’m sure this woman was very embarrassed about the situation that happened, but I’m embarrassed that her piercer let her wear cheap, crappy jewelry!

Most metal detectors use electromagnetic waves to sense the presence of metal. Unlike Steel, Titanium jewelry is non-conductive, and when the jewelry is tiny, it generally won’t set off most metal detectors. Had this woman been wearing titanium jewelry, this situation probably wouldn’t have occurred!

If you are still worrying about your jewelry setting off the metal detector or if you have some larger gauged piercings, there are still options! Borosilicate or Quartz Glass Retainers are available in almost any size, so your piercing can remain open and healthy and still pass through security.



~ by Born This Way Body Arts on November 22, 2010.

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