Stretching questions

Emily writes:

“Dear Piercing Yoda,

Although I’ve scoured your blog and found some great info on gauges and stretching in the June archives, I’m looking for some info on the basics for your less advanced clientele (i.e. ME,lol). Answers for such as, “Hey Yoda! I’m from the piercing gun era, can I start from that or do i need some form of repiercing? When is it considered a ‘stretch’ and not a mere piercing is there a ‘gauge limit’ on this Phil Morris?” “Emus and tapers: they’re not just for fetishes anymore? What’s all this stuff, where do I start and how do I use it?” So I would be most delighted if you had some links or guru wisdom you could maybe throw onto your blog in the near future that I could pore over. 🙂

For myself, personally, plugs aren’t my thing though when worn tastefully by others, they’re gorgeous! But I don’t think I can live through the next year without being able to wear some of those stunning pieces you have at the shop! A couple of those ornate pieces make my soul smile. So I’m excited to start on this new adventure! Though I guess it’s probably only more like a day hike since I don’t have far to go to achieve the tiny size I want compared to others.”

Emily –

Great questions! Let’s start at the beginning!

Stretching by definition is the expansion of any piercing, regardless of how the hole was made. Even if you were pierced with a piercing gun (GROSS!), the hole can still be stretched. I recommend stretching one size at a time, never skipping sizes. You should always wait a minimum of one month in between stretches. In this time period, the body will actually grow more tissue and give you more earlobe!

The most important thing in the process is the type of jewelry that you wear. I recommend a piece of jewelry that is inert and won’t cause any allergic reactions, such as Titanium or Borocilicate (Pyrex) Glass. When stretches are performed with materials like steel and acrylic, the body is so busy fighting the material, that it never has time to heal itself and grow more tissue. We’ve found in clinical trials, that when inert jewelry is used, stretching can go pretty fast – as little as two weeks!

The design of the jewelry is also very important. I always recommend a single flared plug made from glass or titanium for your stretches. The single flare inserts into a freshly stretched piercing much easier than a double flared piece. A double flared piece will always be bigger than the size you are stretching to, and is best for a piercing that is healed at that size. Hanging shapes and spirals are a bad choice for stretching as the excess jewelry will move a lot during the healing stages, which can lengthen your healing time.

Always visit a piercing professional when stretching any piercing, as they will be able to help you stretch properly and not cause any damage to the piercing. I also recommend the daily use of “Holey Butt’r” which is available at Born This Way Body Arts. Holey Butt’r is a vegan, premium ear care creme, used to maintain stretched ear lobes. By using it daily, you lobes will remain elastic and healthy – perfect for stretching!


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on November 30, 2010.

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