I’m uncircumcised; Can I get a genital piercing?

Recently, I had a client email me in regards to getting an apadravya piercing. Luckily, part of his penis wasn’t amputated during his life, and he is uncircumcised. He was curious if being uncircumcised was going to effect his ability to get the apadravya piercing.
After working in Chicago for a few years, I gained significant experience in piercing uncircumcised males. Much of the piercing’s success and comfort depends on the tightness of the foreskin around the glans of the penis. When an apadravya is performed a barbell that is long enough to accommodate for swelling and erections is used. This will keep the foreskin in a semi-retracted position for a few weeks. After the initial swelling has subsided the jewelry can be downsized, and depending on the tightness of your foreskin, the foreskin can be rolled over the jewelry. If the foreskin is unable to be rolled over the jewelry, or is very tight around the jewelry, this may be uncomfortable. There are many different types of threaded ends that can be placed on the barbell, as to find the ‘perfect fit’.
Personal cleanliness also comes into play with healing any piercing. We’ve found that puncture wounds will always heal faster when kept dry. When the foreskin is rolled over the glans, a dark, moist environment is created. It is advisable to retract the foreskin and use a hair dryer to dry the wound as needed throughout the day.
In closing, being uncircumcised may effect your ability to have a genital piercing. Always consult with a knowledgeable, experienced piercer if you are seeking these piercings.

~ by Born This Way Body Arts on December 1, 2010.

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