Neck Coils

I recently stumbled across an article about the “long necked” ladies in Thailand who are now on display, for pay. Very similar to the old circus sideshows showing off human oddities, these ladies charge admission to view their elongated necks and sell novelties. What do you think of all this? Is this exploitation of the women? Or is this just a way for them to make some money off of ignorant foreigners?

Although I don’t agree with the business model, I have to admit, that I would pay to see them. Why? Because of the beauty of the jewelry and the body modification! Of course, I would rather see this outside of a business setting, but if this was my only method of viewing this in real life, I’d have to do it.

The method for “stretching the neck” is quite fascinating! The coils are wrapped around the neck at a young age, and coils are added over time. This doesn’t actually stretch the neck, but pushes down on the bones in the shoulders and adjusts the way they sit. It takes many years to accomplish this, and I love seeing the commitment!

Our friends at tawapa have designed a necklace that captures the beauty of neck coils. This simple design works on a hinge, to allow for the coils to be taken on and off simply. These are available through Knoxville Piercing on a custom order basis. Please email for ordering info.


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on February 7, 2011.

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