How do you tell your story?


This past year we’ve had the good fortune to have some amazing people come through our doors and share their personalities with us.




Eevee #133



Tattoos are one of the best ways to literally ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ as shown by these photographs. Each one of these  are personal and a testament to that person’s true self, from a Johnny Cash/horror aficionado to the unyielding adventure to capture them all [poke’mon reference!]




People who catch sight of these pieces of artwork will instantly have some grasp of the person that its bound too. With a new year comes new chances to expressive yourself in a new way, how are you planning to wear your personality? 



All work depicted here is by our artist Jon Goad. You can see more of his work [here].


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on January 3, 2012.

One Response to “How do you tell your story?”

  1. My goal is to finish the rough draft of the novel I’m writing by 1/31/12. My reward will be a tattoo. I want a dragon with a celtic cross. That has significance for me because I love fantasy stories and I have a lot of celtic ancestry. I love to hear people tell the stories of their tattoos, why they chose the design they did.

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