With the new year comes a new you.

It’s time to update your look with this years hottest piercing trends! Top quality jewelry and multiple piercings galore!

With the dawn of a new year comes the endless pursuit of change. Many people will be updating their look, so why shouldn’t you? The picture to the left showcases a stunning, original piece of jewelry featuring shimmering 14 karot gold and  inlaid Swarovski cubic zirconia gemstones painstakingly handset by the amazing jewelers at Body Vision Los Angeles.

Multiple piercings are another rising trend this year. The picture to the right illustrates one of the many variations in the form of a triple helix. It eloquently draws attention up the outer ear begging people to take a good look to satisfy their visual curiosities. Variations are seen with multiple nose, lip, and other ear piercings as well.

With society progressing in its acceptance of the modern primitive, people are finding creative ways to satisfy their instinctual desire to adorn their body. By investing in diverse top quality jewelry to accessorize their look for any occasion or by experimenting with multiple piercings, they create a modern bohemian style to be envied for in 2012.

The piercings depicted here have been performed by our piercer Bryan Thomas. You can see more of his work [here].


~ by Born This Way Body Arts on January 6, 2012.

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