Earmageddon & Beyond (Part 1)

What is Earmaggedon

Earmaggedon is, simply put, a competition based on the piercing accumen of the piercers that enter!
Industrial Strength Body Jewelry put together the competition in 2011 as an annual event. They have even developed jewelry specifically for the use of “ear projects”.  Orbits, pivot joints, dangles, in any color titanium, with gems or opals – the only limits reside in your personal anatomy & the piercers expertise!


So what is an ear project, exactly, & how do I get MY ears involved??

An ear project can be as simple as a “standard” industrial piercing or as complex as the imagination can construct. This could involve multiple of the same piercing, such as a set of helix piercings, or even just a full ear of piercings that have been accessorized to look nice together. Some of the most popular entries consist of various piercings with the same color titanium or gems, for example. Furthermore, it can involve a single piece of jewelry that has been bent & manipulated to fill several piercings or dozens of parts pieced together to make a complex and unique piece of art to adorn the ear with.

Your Earmaggedon entry can be as simple or complex as you desire! There are several categories that split up the entries such as the Body Vision gold category, fan and judges award categories, and the classic project category. We’ll explain some of those as you continue reading.

Classic category? This refers specifically to projects that work exclusively with jewelry that would have been available at the time of the first ear projects in the early 90’s. In fact, the 2012 classic category was judged by Erik Dakota whom is credited with the earliest ear projects and inventing other piercings that are still quite popular today; the industrial, daith and rook piercings being a few examples.

The other categories are pretty self-explanatory and each has their own set of judges. In the past contests, the judges choice have been chosen by esteemed piercers such as Elayne Angel and Jim Ward.  The most interesting category must be viewers choice – your ear project is featured on Industrial Strength’s Facebook page and other piercing enthusiasts have a chance to vote on what they deem to be the best & most interesting!

Next week we will answer some questions about our past involvement in the competition, how to get started,  as well as shed some light on the contest winnings involved for both the piercee (YOU) and the piercer!



~ by Born This Way Body Arts on January 4, 2013.

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